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    In the stage of brand definition, we look for insights from a large number of facts, constantly refining and focusing on the industry and people, and ultimately determine a simple and direct brand positioning for the brand



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    Brand architecture can reflect their business aspirations, help enterprises organize business units according to the needs of target customers, and thus better promote the purchase of target consumers. Ensure that current and future business combinations can effectively support brand positioning and business objectives. Guide enterprises to communicate at product marketing level, and guide the direction of new product development.


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    Create strategically relevant and memorable names that transcend borders, languages and cultures, and are legally protectable. Through naming systems, we organize and communicate a complete portfolio of products and services to make customer choice clear and easy.



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    People accumulate associations about brands from all the experiences of interaction. In the stage of brand expression, we set sail from the positioning, inject vitality and life into the brand, through the planning and management of rich brand contact points, brand impression implanted in the mind of customers.


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    Visual identity is an emotional bond that can cultivate and enhance customer loyalty.
    Visual recognition is a powerful tool for brand expression and through the design of an international visual system, brand concepts are deeply rooted in the hearts of people, helping global customers to stand proudly in increasingly competitive markets.


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    Create distinctive, appealing packaging designs and retail/merchandising systems. We along the whole choice and loyalty journey. Using our deep understanding of shopper habits, needs, and desires, we drive awareness, engagement, and choice.



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    Design and build distinctive, authentic, and interactive branded environments that drive engagement and sales. We understand the science behind retail, bring it together with clear customer insight, and deliver powerful creative experiences.



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    Through the communication between enterprises and customers, we can meet the needs of customers. Make full use of consumers'eyeballs to plan creative advertisements, so that they can stand out from the vast amount of information.
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    Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is the process of unifying a brand’s messaging to make it consistent across all media that the brand uses to reach its target audience. It’s a strategic approach that guides communication and tactics used across all marketing channels.
    In today’s digital world, focusing on multiple marketing channels at once is a necessity for many companies. This omnichannel marketing requires a strategic approach to make it all work together toward achieving marketing objectives. This is when IMC comes into play.



  • Activate brand courage,

    Motivate business transformation